The House of Gold

Why Choose Italtec?

The company has over 14 licensed gold buying centers and sub agents spread across the mining towns and villages of Ghana and beyond. The company has partnership with over 25 small scale mines and 4 medium scale mines, we guarantee constant supply of Gold. The company has gold mining projects awaiting partnership from interested investors.

Beware of fraudulent people who hold themselves as chiefs, relatives of famous and respected chiefs, land owners, & miners and self-acclaimed agents on the internet with potential to offer large quantities of gold from Ghana, they are not genuine and should be ignored.   

Pricing of gold in Ghana are based on the London Metal Exchange (LME) quotes. Therefore offers with big discounts off the LME are only meant to entice buyers to part with cash to these fraudsters, who normally ask for additional fees in respect of incidental expenses like transportation  commission, security, "movement", handling, documentation and insurance


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