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The House of Gold

Equipment Leasing

We deal in heavy equipment. For us, we’re not out to sell equipment, rather we lease and hire them to people with heavy equipment needs. This segment manages the equipment lease arm of the business. We have various types of equipment such as constructions equipment, drilling equipment, computers, agricultural equipment, etc. Equipment Lease segment arranges either operating or finance lease options to clients based on their specific and varied business needs.


Our machinery and equipment are imported, considering general equipment usage in Ghana. This segment does not hesitate to bring or introduce high technology equipment that makes tasks relatively easy as well as improve productivity. The EL segment manager with a background in finance and accounting skillfully creates innovative products for clients and supervises his result oriented team of workers. Anyone with equipment needs, can put a call through to this segment, and will forever be ambassadors of the good works of EL segment. The activities of this segment are rallied behind a five-year master plan, aimed at engineering and implementing innovation par extraordinaire.


As noted earlier, these two segments are coordinated by a central management. It therefore means that the respective wings are not autonomous; that their activities are under the strict scrutiny of management. However, there is room for initiatives and creativity from the respective segments, which are most often ratified by management.

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